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The main airport in Messinia is¬†Kalamata International Airport¬†(KLX) (“Captain Vassilis Constantakopoulos”) which is near¬†the city of¬†Kalamata,¬†Greece. It mainly receives¬†charter flights¬†during the summer from¬†Germany,Russia,Sweden, Denmark etc. Also there are flights from major UK cities and next June,¬†Easy Jet carrier will provide flights from Kalamata to London.

Kalamata AirportThe airport is located between Kalamata and Messene on GR-82 (Pylos РKalamata РSparta) and west of the train tracks on the Pamisos River plain.

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The main highways in Messenia are:

The main railways in Messenia are:

  • Corinth –¬†Argos¬†– Tripoli –¬†Zevgolateio¬†– Kalamata
  • Patras – Pyrgos –¬†Kalo Nero¬†– Kyparissia
  • Kalo Nero – Zevgolateio