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-Are there rules related to foreigners owning Greek property? (different property tax rates…) Is mortgage money available from Greek banks for foreign owners? Are there any other rules if I want to buy a Greek property? We are Canadians and love your country and your people!!

There are certain restrictions for property acquisition only on the Greek Turkish boarders for security reasons. This can be generally overcome by applying to the ministry of defense and getting approval. For the rest of the country there are no restrictions.
Banks have generally clamped down on lending but treat each case differently. The amount of deposit for a foreign nationals would be up to 50% deposit and upon provision their income statement is such which van satisfy the bank for the repayment. I recommend you speak to Nova Scotia Bank as you are Canadian and which has a subsidiary in Greece. We also have a funding scheme if you care to ask but this cannot be given over the ask tab. If you’re interested please email us.
For other rules and advice check our web site under financial / legal information.
Thank you for saying nice things about Greeks and Greece. Personally I am very fond of Canadians as well. I am currently building a house for a Canadian client, now very much a close friend. They live in Toronto and actually write a blog related to their house construction. The blog is (the Greek for house) Check it out if you like. Their house is still under construction and will be finished in approx 3 months.