Build Your House

Build Your House in Greece

Build your house

Building your Greek property should be an exciting and joyful experience. It cannot be a passive experience as all decisions should be made by you. If you don’t make them and its left to the builder your Greek villa or apartment will not turn out the way you want.

However our checklist can ease everything for you.

Design to your needs- Know your numbers

We will work together on your budget by helping you find the land for your greek house and then design to your budget. The construction costs will be explained fully. A complete list of bills with its tally will be given to you accompanied by a cash flow and timetable.

You will know  exactly what you have to pay and when. You only pay for completed works. Once you are comfortable with this we will complete the design and submit it to the planning department. A good complete design is paramount. Spending a bit more on this saves money and time. Everything is specified.

Based on this you can build your house from your country.

Resale of your Greek Real estate in mind

As this maybe a holiday home you are building don’t overdo it knowing your potential resale value is important so we will guide you through it so that you make wise choices in your selections.

Think Green

Maximizing energy efficiency in these difficult financial times is paramount. We design all our structures  with energy efficiency in mind.

Build your house in Greece

Building your Greek house from your country

Building your greek house will be easy after a good design. The phases of construction will be explained to you and will be exact. A complete timetable and cash flow will be given to you. At the end of each month a complete report will be sent to you regarding construction progress accompanied by pictures.

We will require you to visit Greece twice. Once after the completion of the plastering so that you can decide on frames, tiles, and colours for interiors and exteriors. You can also do this from your country but we feel it is better when you see everything up close. The second time is to sign of on your property when it will be ready.


We guarantee all our work and will be responsible for one year for everything that happens to your house. This is adequate time for you to be satisfied that everything is working ok.